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Yulia Tikhonova

I am a Moscow-born, Brooklyn-based curator who believes in art that delivers to under served populations and has a mission to promote art that enhances public good. Upon my graduation from the CCS Bard college, I took it upon myself to test academic ideas in the field. The outlying neighborhoods of Brooklyn- Coney Island, Flatbush and Midwood attracted my attention as underserved in their access to art of higher aesthetic standard. In 2010 I founded the Brooklyn House of Kulture, a grass-roots, an experimental curatorial model created to allow artists to work within communities and to test concepts for useful cultural production.

During the past year BHK has developed strategies that merge the needs of neighborhoods and addresses the capacity of the arts to stimulate public dialogue about civic issues. The consequent programs are Borough to Borough: Artists in Libraries hosted by the Brooklyn Public Libraries network and Sustainability Starts At Home.I seek partnerships with community agencies to implement culturally inclusive programs that work to serve the public good of the community.
I was awarded a year-long leadership development fellowship We Are All Brooklyn dedicated to advancing the next generation of Brooklyn’s young diverse leaders and empowering them to become change agents to strengthen Brooklyn.

I was selected for the Art Connects NY project, which will allow her to place artworks with the Amethyst project in Coney Island to support their mission of restoring dignity to the lives of women impacted by substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS.
I have organized the participation of the Russian art-activists group Voina (War) at the exhibition Living as Form, and at the summit curated by Creative Time that will be later in September of this year.

I also keep a close curatorial contact with the young generation of the Russian artists by featuring their profiles on her website and writing for Art in America and FlashArt International. I am working towards an exhibition titled the New Kool which will present artists from Moscow as they suffer from centralized, repressive and corrupt political and economic system. She has been working with the artists presented by the VICTORIA—The Art of being Contemporary

You may contact me by sending email to: yulia (at) tikhonova.com

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Alexandra Fierro-Robert Berman Gallery February 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Hello Yulia Tikhonova,
I am emailing you on behalf of Robert Berman Gallery. We have an article that you wrote(I believe in conjunction with Eyemazing Magazine) for artist Lauren Marsolier titled “Transition into the unusual
The fleeting reality of Lauren Marsolier.” Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece on our artist. I was hoping you could send us a date as to when you wrote this article so that we may have it for our records. If you do not recall this article, just let me know, and I will email it to you.

Thank you in advance,

Alexandra Fierro
At Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 michigan avenue, Suite C2/D5
Santa Monica, California 90404

Web: http://www.robertbermangallery.com